Feb 162013

I have recently seen a lot of funny or beautiful or inspirational quotes linked to a picture or just written in a kind of decorative way.

These picture quotes are quite likeable and great to see, so I think I will make a page with different pic quotes.

I have made some of quotes I like and photos I have taken (or drawings I have found), and I will present them here as a start.

This first picture quote is a quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson about the richness in the flowers:

picture quote with flowers and blue sky

 Here comes a quote about summer:



This third quote is about trees and leaves – and about how to treat people as well!

fall quote

Here is a quote, again about nature, but certainly as much a quote about life:


A picture quote about love, and what is important in life:

lovequote and tree



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If you are looking for funny picture quotes, visit this page.

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