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Father's day greeting card

Fathers day cards are an elegant solution to the problem of what to do when the day rolls around.

Shopping for a day like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day is usually much easier, for some reason. But trying to find a gift or an idea for Father’s Day takes serious thought, as you might not have a lot of input to go on. Fathers tend to be less obvious and expressive of their feelings, and so it can be harder to know what they would appreciate. But the fact that it’s harder doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. In a way, simple gestures like printable postcards are even more important. Printable greeting cards are a great option because one can make for a standalone gift, or it can accompany anything else you make or buy. Best of all, it costs nothing, as you can find free printable cards or free greeting cards offered online for no price at all.

Why a Card is a Perfect Gift

Greeting cards to print make perfect gifts for fathers for a few reasons:

1. They’re meaningful.

Writing a short message on fathers day cards might seem like a simple gesture, but it’s really one of the best things you can do. Just a few words can carry a huge amount of weight, and if you put thought and care into it, it will be extremely meaningful for your father.

Before I mention the other really good reasons for sending af card to your father, you will here get some free cards. You can use them for your own personal use, but not for websites like this.

The first cards you will get here are with motorbikes, the first one more to the funny side:

Father's Day greeting card

Small father's day greeting with bike and sun

Here is a very, very cute Father’s Day card:

Father's Day card with cat and kittens

When you find that your father is also a friend, maybe this card will be the best:

Best friends Father's day card

If your family is into dogs, here is a card that will most certainly make your dad happy:

A fathers day card with dogs

This  next card is actually a charming old Victorian card with the text : Happy Father’s Day. The motive is of two gentlemen and a bartender.l

Victorian father's day card

This next card has a border/frame of flowers, books, a globe and other signs of education and knowledge. There is place where you can write your own greeting on the front.

Father's Day cad with flowers

The third card you can choose is this card with a picture of different cravats, the general male attire subject, and the text Father’s Day Greetings!

New Father's day greeting

The next cards will, as the first on this page, be with older motives. If you would like to find more modern cards and some funny ones for you Father’s Day greeting, here is a page where you can find them on Clipartqueen.com.

Here comes a card you can use either for Father’s Day or for sending to your granddad:

Card for your granddad

2. They’re long-lasting.

A card will last for years if kept properly, and it’s possible that the note you write for your father will still be around years after you leave home, get married, and live a full and happy life. It could even be something your kids and your grandkids read when they grown up and have lives of your own. In short, printable greeting cards aren’t only good for the occasion on which they are given, but they’re also a piece of physical history that can be discovered and rediscovered as time passes.

3. They’re readable at any time.

Your father may or may not be the emotional type, but either way he’ll appreciate having a physical piece of evidence that you care about him. Having father’s day cards that you can come back to and look over is a great thing, as it stirs the memories and old feelings like nothing else can

4. They’re personal.

You choose your own card and you write your own message on it. It’s not like giving your father an appliance or a new tie, with thousands of people giving the same thing as a father’s day gift. Your words are uniquely your own, and you can make them say whatever you want. That’s what your father will appreciate most.

5. They’re creative and unique.

You might not have a fully formed idea of what kind of message to put on printable greeting cards for your father, so sometimes a card that already has a message written on it is the best place to start. That card can be a complete gift in itself, or it can be the springboard from which you get ideas for what you really want to say on the card. When you’re stuck, browsing online fathers day cards options can be a great idea.

“Love to Father” is the text on this postcard for a Father’s day greeting, together with lovely white flowers.

Father's day greeting card

If your father goes hunting, this might be just the rigth card to send him for Father’s Day.

Father's day card hunting motive

If you and your father likes to go to town together, he might like to get this funny old card from you.

Comrades Father's day card

I love this card, because I think it expresses the trust you have in a loving father.

Remember Your Old Pop From Afar
Once you’ve moved away, Father’s Day becomes even a bigger deal than before. When there are miles between you and your father, the small thoughts and words go much further. A letter for a loved one far away is always special, but there’s an extra level of love and endearment attached when it’s communications between a child and a father.
Sending your dad a note when you haven’t seen him and probably aren’t going to for a while is the best way to remind him that you love him. Get out your pen and print out one of the many free printable greeting cards out there, and mail him a reminder today.

Help Your Kids Send Dad Love
If you have kids, then you are probably married to the father who is celebrating Father’s Day this year. So the responsibility falls on your kids rather than on you to show appreciation–and still, your kids will most likely need your help. Inspire them to print out funny greeting cards or sentimental notes of their own, and to write the messages they want to give to him. You can help them choose from printable postcards, teach them to print and cut them out, and then write, decorate, and draw with them as needed.

vintage Father's day postcard

Cards For Fathers-to-be
If you happen to be acquainted with someone who’s about to become a father, take the opportunity to give them printable postcards as well. Father’s day isn’t just about your family–it’s about everyone who has a father and everyone who is a father. So think of people you know that are going to be having children in the near future, and send off a card to them. The Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 360,000 babies are born every day (source: http://www.prb.org/), so odds are there will be one or two expectant fathers in your life.

Give Cards to All the Dads in Your Life
You don’t just have to give fathers day cards to the fathers in your immediate family. Father’s Day is a great occasion to celebrate fathers everywhere, and you can give love greeting cards to any fathers you know and think deserve a special appreciation. With printable greeting cards, you don’t have to be thrifty, and you can give meaningful messages to all the men that you admire and respect and think deserve a card from you.
Mothers are wonderful, of course, and they get their share of appreciation. But fathers deserve a turn too, which is why Father’s day is such an important day of the year. Take time to support and give love to the people that support mothers, and who do their best to raise children alongside them. If you love your father, then take time to tell him so, and take time for the other fathers in your life as well.

Happy Father's day card

This last, funny card is made from an old poster.

funny Happy Father's day card

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