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Printable postcards can be so many kinds of postcards, but you will see that I have made (and will make) special pages for Easter postcards, Christmas postcards, Halloween postcards, postcards with animals, postcards with flowers.

Well, this page is meant for some beautiful postcard from the period of art nouveau and also a lot of other postcards made from old vintage pictures.

I have made them because if find the pictures funny, strange, beautiful or cute. They are made out of old postcards or old pictures. I have repaired them, and now they are free for you to use.

I imagine you can use them as they are, or you can take them through a program like photo shop or similar, where you can write the text after your wish.

If you don’t have or use a drawing program, it will be beautiful if you print the cards, and then write a text with a silver tush.

Art nouveau postcard with man woman shawl

All the cards will be approx 9 x 13 cm, if you print them in 300 dbi, which means the quality is pretty good.

Art nouveau card woman and man walking dow stairs evening dress

Here is one more postcard with motive from the jugend period:

Party invitation art nouveau

The last postcard with art nouveau motive is made so that you can write a lot on the front page:

Beautiful art nouveau card

That should be the Art Nouveau postcards for now.

The next postcards are different, but I am sure you will find an occasion where they will be great to send to a friend or family.

This first one is a postcard with a small cat in a box, and a bottle. You can write your own text on the white space on the box.

Printabel postcard of cute cat with bottle

Another postcard with an animal, a raccoon playing basket.

This printable card is with some sort of crane. I am sorry, but I don’t know what kind of crane. I just love the picture 🙂

It is almost art nouveau-ish, with this beautiful bird on the blackground.

Printabel postcard of cute cat with bottle

And for now a last postcard with an animal motive:

dog and cat fighting and jam

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