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Here on the page Free Easter Cards you will find beautiful and funny old vintage Easter Cards. I have restored them and I hope you will find them as lovely as I do.

Printable Easter Cards

Easter is a Christian holiday and festival to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day following his crucifixion. Easter is immediately preceded by a period of time known as Lent – this is when people observe a 40-day period of penance, prayer and fasting. Easter is what is known as a moveable feast, in that it doesn’t have a fixed date on the official calendar.

Easter customs vary across the world but most include prayers at sunrise, the decorating of Easter eggs, Easter parades and of course, the fun-filled egg hunt. Gifts are not commonly exchanged at Easter, instead Easter eggs are given to friends and loved ones.
While Easter cards have always been exchanged, the practice has grown more popular in the last ten years.

The templates on my website have been designed to allow you to make your own printable Easter cards. Easy to use, the cards are simply waiting for you to personalize in whatever way you see fit.

Important: You can click the cards to see the cards in a new tab. This card is the one you shall save to your computer!

This first Easter card is with a bunny popping up from an Easter egg, with a chicken looking.
The Easter bunny gnaws on clover (for luck), and the text says “Easter Greeting” with gold on the egg.

The next Easter card is cute, with a basket filled with Easter eggs, and a sweet little chicken.
All held in soft colors

. Printable Easter card                        Cute Easter card

Two new Easter cards, the first with a delicious chocolate Easter egg topped with a cute and fluffy chicken.

The next with an Easter bunny (or hare) who has collected a basket full of Easter eggs in different colors.
The bunny is sitting on an field of shamrock, a greeting for good luck in the future.

Lucky Easter greeting
Chocolate Easter egg greeting


Easter Tradition

In Western Christianity, Easter is immediately preceded by 40-days of penance and fasting known as Lent. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, lent lasts for 40-days, although Sundays do not count. The seven days prior to Easter is of extreme importance and is aptly named Holy Week. The final three days before Easter are Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Many churches will begin their Easter celebrations late on Holy Saturday, which is commonly known as an Easter vigil.
This is where, traditionally, Easter gifts and greetings cards are exchanged.

However, over the years, people have chosen to exchange their gifts or Easter eggs around a family meal on the Easter Sunday. It all depends how traditional you and your family are, as well as how religious your Easter time is for you personally.
Eastern Christianity also observe 40-days of Lent, however this is known as Great Lent. Starting on Clean Monday, Eastern Christianity observes 40-days of continuous Lent, including Sundays.

Easter egg hunt card
Funny Easter greeting card


Easter card with Easter bunny girl with bucket of painted Easter eggs


A card with an newly hatched Easter chicken
investigating his surroundings for the first time.

Easter chicken card


Two Easter greeting cards, with an Easter border and Easter motives






Easter Customs Around the World

Most people in America observe the age-old tradition of hand painting hard-boiled eggs, which are then placed in baskets of candy.
The Easter Bunny is a popular legendary Easter gift-giving character, on a similar level to Santa Claus.
In New York City, a huge annual Easter parade is held on the Easter Sunday, and even the President acknowledges the celebrations, with an annual egg roll on the front lawn of the White House.

People in Norway have a rather unusual custom for the holidays, known as Easter Crime.
This involves people all around the country watching crime detective programs on television and reading murder mystery books.
It is also common for the average Norwegian family to go away for the Easter holidays, where they spend their spare time playing games such as Yahtzee.

In Haiti, Holy Week is marked with a series of flamboyant parades consisting of traditional ra-ra music played on maracas, bamboo trumpets, drums and, sometimes, even coffee cans.
The holiday is very much a mixture of Voodoo and Catholic traditions. Voodoo believers will make an animal sacrifice, this is intended to show their devotion to the good spirits they believe watch over them.
While Easter greetings cards may not be traditional in countries such as Haiti, in America, the UK and most countries in Europe, Easter cards are a common way to show friends and loved ones your love during the holidays.

As well as the traditions mentioned above, there are plenty of places on the Internet where you can find the traditions of more countries. You could use these traditions to add to your printable Easter cards as a decoration. That way the recipients gets a lovely Easter card to display and a cultural history lesson too.

Another funny old Easter greeting with two little kids wondering what the little chickens are all about.


An Easter Card with chickens and spring flowers.

The text says: “Happy Easter”

  funny old Easter greeting cardeaster-card-chickens-water


If you want to make your own Easter Cards out of Easter clipart I can recommend pages like Easter Clipart and  Easter bunnies

Traditional Easter Cards

If you want to stick to a more traditional design for your Easter card, then you need to go back to the true meaning of Easter.
The celebration has different meanings for people of different religions, so it is important you understand this before making your cards. Older people are much more likely to appreciate a traditional religious-influenced card. A couple of ideas for what to include on your traditional printable Easter cards include –

• A Crucifix – Most traditional Easter cards you can buy in the shops have a crucifix of some description on the front. Although this may seem like a fairly morbid element to include on a greetings card, if you look around there are actually some very nice crucifix pictures and art.

Easter card with white lillies

• Flowers and/or Fruit – Lillies in particular are popular for Easter card, as are daffodils but any type of flowers will be nice for your card.
The flowers and fruit combination are an acknowledgement of a new life beginning, as well as acknowledging the arrival of spring, which is around the same time in the calendar.

Easter lilly greeting

• Old Pictures – Soft focus pictures of heaving banquets and feasts or spring scenes involving small animals are also popular for traditional Easter cards. These type of pictures are ideal if you want to go traditional without a religious influence.

Modern Easter Cards

If you prefer to go for a more modern take on your Easter cards, there are a couple of ideas below that should help you get started.

The Easter Bunny – He may be a fictional character, but kids all over the world love him nearly as much as Father Christmas thanks to his habit of dropping off chocolate eggs. Pictures of the Easter bunny on your cards are suitable for all ages, although children are sure to appreciate them the most.

happy Easter to mom and dad

Easter Eggs – Easter eggs are actually symbolic of the empty tomb Jesus left behind when he was resurrected, so potentially, eggs do have a religious theme. However, they also offer you the chance to add color and sparkle to your cards with pictures of decorated eggs making a great addition to your handmade Easter cards.

Easter rabbit kissing strange artificial rabbit

Easter Card Sentiments

As mentioned above, Easter is a religious occasion for many, which means many of the sentiments you find in shop-bought cards have a religious theme or influence.
By using my printable Easter cards to make your own, you can add whatever sentiments you like to your card. This means you can tailor them to the specific tastes of the person who will receive them.

You can find a selection of Easter sentiments on the Blue Mountain website ( or you can come up with something yourself.

Below I have some carefully chosen some of my favorite Easter sentiments and there should be something for everyone- regardless of taste.

Easter greeting with cross and flowers and chickens-small

“Easter is a great time to remember all of the meaningful blessings in your life: Family, Friends, Jesus and of course, chocolate!!”

• “The Easter bunny is hopping, no hoping, you have a fantastic Easter”

• “Easter is a Holy day, not just a Holiday”

• “Love, joy and peace be yours at Easter”

• “I hope your Easter basket is full of love, happiness and delicious chocolate eggs”

These sentiments can go on the inside or outside of your Easter cards, and it is up to you whether you decide to print them inside the card or write them by hand.

Easter Quotes

One thing I have noticed from being an avid crafter is, over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular to add quotes to cards, rather than the traditional sentiments. This may sound strange but it does make sense, quotes are very poignant and often say more in a few words than a four-line verse would ever say.

This is why adding your favorite Easter quotes to your printable Easter cards is the perfect finishing touch. Website Quotescoop has an impressive collection of quotes available for use for pretty much any occasion and is a must save for a crafter’s bookmark favorites. I have listed some of my favorite Easter quotes below, please feel free to use them on your own cards.

• “Easter is very important to me, it is a second chance” ~ Reba McEntire

• “Do not abandon yourself to despair, we are the Easter people
and hallelujah is our song
” ~ Pope John Paul 11

• “Easter is all about the things we love, like the Easter bunny and chocolate”~ Anon

• “Easter is a time for belief, whether that be in Jesus Christ or the Easter Bunny – both offer hope in equal measures” ~ Anon

Quotes look great on the front of handmade cards, although this doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite in place of a sentiment or verse inside of the card.
You don’t even need to use a quote that specifically mentions Easter, instead you could choose one about love, hope, family or anything else that you believe your card recipient will appreciate.

If you can find a quote from your card recipient’s favorite celebrity or important individual, this will help you make the card more personal to them.

For more quotes about Easter, try this link

Nature Easter greeting


Get the Kids Involved

You will be hard pushed to find a child who won’t appreciate the chance to make their own craft, whether that is handmade cards, gift tags or invitations.

My printable Easter cards are a great opportunity for you to encourage the kids to make Easter cards for the rest of the family or their friends. While it is recommended you do all the printing, you can get the kids involved by asking them to further decorate the cards. Below are a couple of things you can get the kids to add to your handmade Easter cards –

Furry Chicks – These fun little chicks are cute and great for kids to add to cards they have made for other children. You can find them in most places, from craft shops to dollar stores and they are very inexpensive. As well as making cute additions to cards, these tiny little chicks are also great cupcake toppers or gift tag decorations.

• Cardboard Eggs – For most kids, Easter is all about chocolate. Therefore, an Easter card without an Easter egg would be incomplete to them.
Simply draw several oval shapes on a blank piece of card, cut them out and you have the basis of your Easter eggs.
Get the kids to add color and sparkle to the eggs, using felt tip pens, crayons, gel pens, glitter, ribbon and sequins. The eggs can than be added to your printable Easter cards as toppers. The cardboard eggs are also great as gift tags, to accompany those chocolate eggs you are giving away.

• Flowers– Flowers, usually sunflowers and daffodils, are popular for Easter cards because they symbolize spring and a fresh start. You can ask the children to draw and color in their own flowers, cut pictures from magazines or you can buy the paper flowers commonly found in craft stores. All can be added to your handmade cards once printed.


Top Tip! – Don’t forget to let your children’s Easter cards dry before you write on them or place them in envelopes. This will prevent toppers from falling off or glitter/pen smudging. Getting the children to wear aprons while they are being creative will also be a wise decision you thank yourself for when all the fun is over.

A Polite Note

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and look through the many top quality greeting card templates I have on offer. While I actively encourage you to make as many printable Easter cards as you need, I do kindly ask you read through my very lenient usage instructions on my home page before you do. These instructions allow me to remain one of few free printable greeting card sites on the Internet. I can recommend one other page with free Easter cards: Click here.

Thank you and Happy Crafting!!


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