Printable Valentine Cards


What you need for Valentines Day are some beautiful printable Valentine cards to send to your love, your maybe-love, your friends and to everybody you want to tell that you care and think of them with love and affection.

There are some other sites with free printable Valentines Day cards I can recommend, and I have added here one of the cards with some very cute and love-able Teddy Bears.
You will have to print this in 200 dpi to get the size approx. 5 x 3,6 in. (approx 9 x 12,5 cm)
I have borrowed this card from the page Kids Valentine Cards , changed it a little,  and there are a lot more free Valentine cards on the pages Valentine Greeting cards and the one with free printable Valentine cards.

happy Valentine's day card with cute bear
Cute fox with heart on Valentine's day card

A funny Valentine card with owls, a Valentine greeting for a friend. You can print this one in 300 dpi, a very good quality.

Click the picture of the card, and save the bigger version that you see in a new tab.

This next Valentine Card is so cute, with a little bee and a red blooming flower heart.

Here on this Valentine’s card for a friend the text says:

“You brighten my day,
just know that you do.
I’m ever so lucky,
to have a friend
such as you.”

printable Valentine greeting card

The size of this card printed with 300 dpi will be 5 x 3,5 in (9 x 12,7 cm approx)

Valentine heart border

As you will see are some of these cards just as good to use for any other occasion where you want to tell your beloved how much they mean to you.

This car has the motive of a beautiful sea, with hearts spelling “I LOVE YOU”

I love you Valentine card

Printed with 300 dpi 6 x 4 in ( approx 10 x 15 cm)

Valentine heart border

This card with a red, red love heart radiation hearts like a sun is a little smaller than the cards above.
Printed with 300 dpi it will be 5 x 3,6 in (approx 12,5 x 9,2 cm)

I think these wonderful hearts can talk their own language.

printable love heart Valentine card

Valentine heart border

A Happy Valentine's Day card with Teddy bears
Cute Valentine's Day card with two tigers and lots of hearts
Valentine greeting card with two cartoon owls and hearts and flowers
Valentine card for a friend with two cute bears hugging

Valentine heart border

I hope you like these cards, as I wrote, a lot more will follow. Until then you can also take a look at a site called Quotescoop.


Valentine heart border

This Valentine card is a bit different, and can be used at many other occasions.

The text is: Dive into the sea of trust, and find there pearls of love.

Pearls of Love Valentine Card

Valentine heart border

This is a Valentine card, but I guess it is one of the more funny ones:

Love conquers all Valentine CardValentine heart border

The next card is with a poem from the site Quotescoop

Valentine card with poem

Valentine heart border

love heart weather balloons

Valentine heart border

This reminder of love is useful for almost all occasions: As a card used together with a gift, as a reminder on the breakfast table, even in the lunch box, with a note written on the back side.


Valentine heart border

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