21 Mother’s Day Greeting Cards


Receiving a Mother’s day greeting card is really, really nice, I can tell you that with lots of years of experience!
When my kids were small, they made cards for me at kindergarten, or together with their father, and on the morning of Mother’s Day these wonderful cards decorated the breakfast table when I was finally allowed to get up!

As my kids grew up, they often forgot everything about Mother’s day, and of course it didn’t matter to me, as I knew very well that they cared anyway.

Today I am so lucky to have a lot of grandchildren, and even even though I am not their mother but their granny, I every year receive  cards and letters in my mailbox or on the cell phone, mostly printable Mother’s day cards or DIY cards.
I enjoy these cards so much, and put them on my Bulletin board so my grandchildren can look at them and know that I am happy about their cards.

Which card you want to send to your mother (or any other mother) on Mother’s Day is completely depending on who you are and who your mother is.
Some will prefer a card with memories of the old days, others will send a humorous card, and still others will send a more neutral card.

When you find a card you like, click it to come to the best printable version in another tab.
Save that one and print it, or write a message on it before printing in a drawing program. Although some of the cards are here in there right size, so just save that one.
You can use these Happy Mother’s day cards in many ways. You can print them and send them by snail mail or you can, as my family often does, give them as little greetings on the breakfast table or with flowers.
You can also attach a card to an e-mail, or send it as a picture on your mobile.

Here on this page with Mother’s Day cards you will find a little of everything, and together with these Mother’s Day printable cards you will find some Mother’s Day poems, and I hope that you will find both a card and a poem that will suite what you want to say with it.

Mother’s Day Greeting Cards

All the cards here are the size 3,5 x 5 inches printed in 300 dpi, a really good card quality!

This first card you can give or send before Mother’s day, so that the lucky recipient can redeem her coupon on the morning of Mother’s day 🙂

The text is:

“Breakfast Coupon For Mother’s Day”

I think the breakfast looks delicious, and surely wouldn’t mind to get a card like that!
mother's day coupon breakfast

Next card is in the same line, but you don’t have to give this card before the big day, as this Mother’s day coupon can be redeemed anytime during the next year.
Of course it can also be given as a telling that there will be a nice home cooked meal waiting at the end of the day.

Another of the Happy Mother’s day cards with a beautiful border made of flowers, berries and angels.
The text on this card says:

To the world you  might just be one person,
but to me you are the world.”
Happy Mother’s Day”

mother's day card coupon            flower framed happy Mother's day card


A more “rough” card, with the text written in neon light and ending in a red heart.
The text here says also:
“Happy Mother’s Day”

heart and text in neon    

A Mother’s Day card, for the wonderful mother, who can also be a friend.

     The next card is with a little boy with a big red balloon, where it is written: MOM in big letters.
Cute and funny, isn’t it?          Funny cute Mother's day card

Here comes a Mother’s day card from a daughter, with flowers, soft pink and yellow roses and a blue butterfly.

The text says: You are the best mother a daughter could ever hope to have.

A Happy Mother’s Day card with red flowers

This is one of the funny Mother’s day cards:
I simply love this kangaroo baby looking up from his mother’s pouch just to greet you with a

“Hey There! Happy Mother’s Day”

funny Mother's day cards

The next card is more cute than funny, with a duck and her ducklings swimming happily around.

duck and ducklings card

Another of the Happy Mother’s day cards with a frame of flowers, small texts saying “Mother, Love and Thank You”.

The text in the middle says:

“Happy Mother’s Day.”

Next comes one of the Mother’s day printable cards with a message:

“”Thank you” seems very small to say
when I think about all the sacrifices you
have made for me.
I love you dearest Mommy.
Happy Mother’s day to you.”

Happy mother's day cards                 Victorian style Mother's day card

On this card there are some beautiful pink flowers, and a text that says:

“Dear Mother. I love you and I love you being my mom.”

Who wouldn’t love to receive a card like that on Mother’s Day, or any other day, for that matter?

“The moment a child is born,
the mother is also born.
She never existed before.
The woman existed,
but the mother, never.
A mother is something
absolutely new.”
~ Rajneesh

This is the text on the next happy Mother’s day greeting card, with a beautiful frame of flowers and fruits.

card for a Mother           happy Mother's day cards

“Happy Mother’s Day”, a greeting with a goose caressing a gosling.
This is such a lovely picture.

And a Mother’s day greeting card with tulips.
This card will be great to give together with a bouquet of flowers, or, to send or give instead of a flower.

mother goose and baby                      flowers for Mother's day

Isn’t this card just adorable?

For the new mother, a picture of a mother holding her baby’s hand.

New mother greeting card

One more of these great Mother’s day greeting cards, this one with lot of pink butterflies.

Two Happy Mother’s Day greeting cards with wonderful vintage drawings of women with children.
These two cards don’t have a text written on the front, but I think they will be great for a Mother’s day card.

butterflly card for Mother's day        Mother with children

Mother with baby and older children

Here is a card with red tulips and a text with good wishes for Mother’s day:

Almost the last card here is with a frame with drawings of flowers and hearts.

And the very last is with a frame from a blanket, and the text says:

“Happy Mother’s Day!
I know how often I took you for granted
when I was growing up.
I always assumed you’d be there when I needed you ….
and you always were.

But i never really thought about what that meant
till I got older and began to realize how often
your time and energy were devoted to me.

So now, for all the times I didn’t say it before,
thank you, Mom ….
I love you so very much.”

           flower greeting for Mother's dayMother's day card with love

If you would like to have more cards to choose from, I suggest this page, where you also will find original cards to send for Mother’s Day and ideas of gifts to make for that day.

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