Happy Birthday Card for You


Happy birthday card cat birdThis is a page where you can find a Happy Birthday card to print. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s cheap 🙂

You can also just save the card you like, and send it using one of the many sites where you can make your own e-cards.

The cards you find here are free birthday cards, as long as you just use it for your own personal purpose.

Some of the printable cards here are old cards that I have restored and changed a little, some of the cards are new.
A couple of them are maybe just a little weird, but I like weird, so I think I will bring them along as well.

To print the card click the picture to get to a larger version in a new tab.
Right click that one, save it and print it in as many copies you need.

You will also find birthday greetings, and let’s start with one of them.
This is such a sweet and caring wish:

“Happy Birthday
Wishing you a day filled with
happiness and a year filled with joy!”

Here Comes a Happy Birthday Card for You:

Three funny dogs playing the Happy Birthday Song for you.
Bright colors all over, both the text and the musical notes.

happy birthday card with dogs

A new colorful birthday card with balloons and flowers.

The text says:

“I wish you a
May your entire life
be as colorful,
joyful and happy
as this card”

balloon birthday card

This is the same card, but without any text.
You can use it as a birthday card template.

birthday card template

Next is this very cute Happy Birthday card with a fox, balloons and a birthday cake:

Happy birthday card with fox and balloons

Here you have another Happy Birthday card with an animal, this time a cute cat:

cute Happy Birthday card with cat and balloons

Happy Birthday card with a cute bear with presents, balloons and serpentine:

Birthday card with a cute bear, balloons and serpentine

Two more birthday cards for you: One with a fox, cake and balloons, the other one with a cute owl and serpentine:

Funny birthday card with fox, cake and balloons

Owl birthday card with serpentine

Here are two of the vintage birthday cards.
The first one is a restored card with a happy boy wishing you a happy birthday and bringing you a gift.

The second birthday greeting card is a young girl, also bringing a birthday gift.
It looks like a normal Vintage card, but has the twist with the strangely modern wrapped gift as a contrast to all the old-fashioned sweetness.

Happy birthday boy with gift                      s-happy-birthday-to-you-card
Now this next one is more traditional, with a small poem and a thank you to the birthday child. You will find the same card, but without the text, below, and on the page with Thank You cards there are more cards like that, with a blank space where you can write a message.

Happy-birthday-card-puppy-poem-ny  printable birthday card with flowers

If you choose one of the two cards above with the red poppies, hear are a couple of flower clip art to use for gift cards and alike:

s-valmue2 s-valmuealeneclipart

If you want to find funny birthday cards, here is a great page: Funny printable birthday cards.

Here is one more funny birthday card. This is one of the weird ones:

duck playing the birthday song  birthday card with wish

Birthday Poems and Greetings:

“On your birthday
I wish for you that
whatever you want most in life,
it comes to you,
just the way you imagined it
or better.
Happy Birthday”

“Celebrating your birthday
with gratitude and love.
You’re a blessing
to all those around you.”

“Happy Birthday
my friend.
Hope you have the
best birthday ever!”

“Happy Birthday!
May your entire life
be as colorful,
joyful and happy
as this card”

“Happy Birthday!
We wish you all the best
of luck and happiness for
your new year.”

“Such a special day
for such a special person.
Praying that your birthday
will bring you blessings of
joy and fun and happiness.”

“Happy Birthday.
I hope all your birthday wishes
and dreams come true”

“Wishing you a birthday
that is real special
like you!
Happy Birthday!”

If you need more help to what to write, there are a numerous pages on the internet to help you.

One page I can recommend is here.

Oh, this one is also great.

A Happy Birthday card with balloons and flowers:

printable birthday card

The next ones are similar, I have just added a colorful rainbow, some butterflies and on the last one a new text:

rainbow birthday card

birthday card with balloons and butterflies

Here comes a couple of flower postcards, great to use for birthday greetings, but of course you can use them for other occasions as well:

The flower is called Sybil Sherwood, and it is in full bloom in October:

  Sybil-Sherwood-flower-card-smallHappy birthday card greeting


On the cards above you will have to write the birthday greeting on the back, but I think a greeting written with white, silver or soft pink will look beautiful on the card below:


Both these flower cards should be printed in 300 dpi, and the size will be approx 13 x 9 cm.

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