Funny Animal Cards

Elephant on bicycle card

I made these funny animal cards from some old drawings I found, and here they are.

The animals on these postcards are charming and I think these cards a quite special. Take a look at them and I hope you will find them as funny and sweet as I do. Maybe you will choose the elderly abe woman with the umbrella, or what about the little mouse girl with a balloon standing under the mistletoe?

You can see the postcard in another tab if you click the picture of the card. This is the card you shall save by right clicking it. I have made the cards you see on the page here smaller, to make the page upload faster.

You can print the card you like after downloading it, or you can send it with a SMS or an email. If you want to print the card, the size will be approx. 9 x 13 cm (4 x 5,5 inches) if you print it in 300 dpi, which is a really good quality.

Cute Animal Postcards

At first you might wonder why this little mouse lady is running so fast, but then when you notice the shadow, you know!

Animal postcard funny mouse

Here you see a postcard with an elderly abe (or is it a monkey?) lady with an umbrella

Cute monkey drawing on card


The next card has the motive of a hedgehog, a hedgehog woman with a basket.

hedgehog woman drawing


And here is the male hedgehog with a walking stick and sleeping bag

Hedgehog tramp postcard


There are more animal cards below, but right now come some animal poems. Unfortunately I haven’t found any poems about the animals on the cards, but maybe you have better luck.

Animal Poems

Winter Animals
Winter is cold
There is snow in the sky
The squirrel gathers nuts
And the wild geese fly
The fluffy red fox
Has his fur to keep warm
The bear’s in her cave
Sleeping all through the storm

The Itsy Bitsy Monkey
The itsy bitsy monkey
Climbed up the coconut tree.
Down came a coconut
And hit him on his knee!
Out came a lion
Shakin’ his mighty mane
and the itsy bitsy monkey
Climbed up the tree again!

Hey Diddle Diddle
Hey diddle diddle
the cat and the fiddle
the cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed
To see such a sport,
And the dish
Ran away with the spoon.

More Funny Animal Cards:

A postcard with the motive of a very happy female fox

funny fox postcard


Here comes a cute little? elephant girl on a bicycle

Elephant on bicycle card


And an elephant boy blowing huge soap bubbles

Elephant blowing soap bubbles


Captain duck fishing

Captain duck animal card


A postcard with a drawing of a cute little chicken out for a walk

Little chicken walking


An animal postcard with a cute abe girl with a red dress and an umbrella

Silly monkey girl postcard


An elderly abe with a pibe and a walking stick

Vintage old monkey card


Here comes the cute little mouse girl with a balloon standing under the mistletoe

Cute rabbit with balloon


A rabbit boy jumping the fence

rabbit jumping the fence


A postcard with an animal drawing of a rabbit woman with a shawl and umbrella and a knitting basket


Rabbit grandma with umbrella


A rabbit man with a top hat, a walking stick and a pibe

funny postcard rabbit tramp


A cute little mouse toasting bread over a candle. Or is it marsh mellow?

Mouse marsh mellow candle


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