14 Vintage Halloween Postcards and Halloween Poems

Halloween Greetings with Witch, Pumpkin, and Cat

You will find some beautiful and funny Halloween postcards here. They are made in the Art Nouveau style, or you could call them vintage Halloween cards.

I have restored very carefully, and now I find they will be so charming to use for a Halloween greeting.
A lot of these greeting cards already has a poem on the front, but I have collected some cute Halloween poems to go with the cards on the back, or to use with other cards.

You can use these restored cards for free, as long as it is for your own personal use.

I think you shall print them with 200 dpi, a good printing quality. Then the size of the card will be 3,5 x 5 inches (approx. 8,9 x 12,5  cm), but you can change the size of the card before you print it, if you like.


The Halloween cards you see here on this page are made smaller and a quality that is OK for the internet, but for printing you should click the card and save the larger version that pops up in a new tab.

Halloween greetings

Halloween Greetings:

1. This first card is with a girl and Halloween bats and a Halloween poem that says:

“Bats and owls and with-y capers,
lanterns with their burning tapers
make the world on Hallowe’en
rollicking just like this scene.”

Bats and Owls and Witch-y Capers

You can print these cards and send them to friends and family, but you can also use them to make e-cards.

If you want to make your own Halloween cards, then I can recommend this page with free Halloween clipart. Also you can find new original cards for halloween here.

Halloween greetings

2. This next Halloween https://www.traditionrolex.com/12card has a motive with a very, very frightened parrot, and the text

Hallowe’en Greetings.

Halloween greeting card

Halloween greetings

3. A  greeting card for Halloween with a boy and a girl, and a big Halloween pumpkin, carved for making a Jack O’Lantern.

Halloween Morning card

Halloween greetings

4. The Halloween text on this next card says:

“Hallowe’en Gambols!

You will see if you are keen,
some funny sights on Hallowe’en –
Perhaps some funny gobelins green
At their gambols may be seen!”

The motive is with a Halloween witch, little green goblins jumping in a jump rope and Halloween pumpkins

Vintage Halloween card

Halloween greetings

5. This card is so cute, with a small Halloween witch sitting on a pumpkin, and with a small black Halloween cat.

The text says: Halloween Greetings.

Halloween Greetings with Witch, Pumpkin, and Cat

Cute and  Funny Halloween Poems:

The witches fly across the sky,
The owls go Who, who, who,
The black cats yowl, and green ghosts howl
“Scary Halloween to You …!”

Here you are, dressed up for the night
You knock and knock hoping to fright
Instead I am dressed up too.
I give you a fright when I yell BOO!

Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern
You are such a funny sight.
As you sit there by the window
Looking out into the night.
You were once a sturdy pumpkin
growing on a curly vine
Now you are a Jack-o-lantern
See your right lights chine.

When witches go riding
and black cats are seen
The moon laughs an whispers
’tis near Halloween

Tricky monsters hide behind walls,
Rickety old robots,
Elves with pinty hats.
All roam the sidewalk togehter because
Tonight is Halloween

Halloween greetings

More Vintage Halloween Postcards:

6. Also a greeting card for Halloween, with a tiny witch and a very small boy, and the candle with mysterious smoke floating to the window where you see the full moon.

A funny and cute Halloween greeting card.

Vintage Halloween postcard

Halloween greetings

7.  The text on this funny Halloween postcard says:

“For a high happy Hallowe’en”

And the motive is Halloweenish strange, with a boy with a pumpkin head riding a witch broom with the head of a black cat.
Really weird!

For a High Happy Halloween

Halloween greetings

8. A Jolly Halloween postcard.

Originally there was also a written text saying:

“May Fate bee good to you.”. 

I had to leave that out when I restored the card, but I think it is a great wish to add to a Halloween card.

Jolly Halloween

Halloween greetings

9. This cute Halloween  greeting also comes as an invitation later, but for now you have this funny card with a little girl with a happy pumpkin head, a moon, stars, cat and broom.

Like the next card, this one is a little larger than the rest, 3,5 x 5,5 inches approx.

And below this one comes nr. 10. One more of these funny old Halloween greeting cards is with a little girl and her puppy. The girl is carrying a carved Halloween pumpkin, the pumpkin head is smoking on a pipe.
A strange Pumpkin Man and pumpkin heads are floating in the background.

Notice: This card will be 3,5 x 5,5 inches approx. when printed with 200 dpi.

Halloween postcard girl pumpkin head

Halloween greetings

Halloween card little girl puppy

Halloween greetings

11. An adorable vintage Halloween postcard with a sleeping girl, surrounded by fairies and goblins.

The Halloween poem says:

“Halloween Time.
Tonight, upon your pillow,
Close your eyes and hide your head.
For the fairies and the goblins
Will be hovering round your bed.”

Art nouveau Halloween card

Halloween greetings

12. A young woman dressed in harlequin pattern dress, surrounded by lots and lots of pumpkin heads.

The text says:

“The Magic Hallowe’en
All Hallowe’en the magic night,
When folly reigns supreme.
The pumpkin heads are all alight,
The stars are all agleam.”


Halloween greetings

13. I find this Halloween greeting card very beautiful, with the big eyed owl placed on the young woman’s head as an elegant hat.

The motive has a black Halloween cat, a bat, the moon, a pumpkin head, a young beautiful witch dressed in red and finally the owl.

The text says:

“Halloween Greetings.
The clock striking midnight,
The witch her spell will cast.
All the fairies, ghosts and goblins
Will be conjured from the past.”

Halloween Greetings

Halloween greetings

14. A wonderful vintage, art nouveau Halloween postcard.

I haven’t added any text to the card. You can do that in a drawing program or with a tush if you like, but I actually like the Halloween picture with all the ingredients for Halloween so much that I decided to leave it as it was.
You have the old, funny witch, her owl, a pumpkin head, a broom and 7 black cats following the witch. And behind all this the full moon.

This card is so full of Halloween humor!


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