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Free Printable Thank You Cards: Whether it is for a wedding or birthday gift, or a simple thanks for being a great friend, sending someone a thank you card is a special way to show your sincere gratitude.

Here on my website you will find a host of free printable thank you cards.
Easy to use, the cards I have on my site are only limited by your imagination. Thoughtful, inspirational, funny or just plain old sincere, there is something for everyone’s taste and you can add to them too and really make the design your own.

I have made most of them smaller than all the other postcards you can find here on these page, because that is how I think it’s best.
A Thank You card should most of the time  not be as big as the invitation you got for the wedding or birthday, so these first cards will, when printed with 300 dpi to make sure the quality is really good, be the size 3 x 2 inches. They are small and delicate.

I will make one card with a text, often a very simple one like “Thank You”, and then the same card without text, just a template you can fill with your own Thank You message.

As well as adding clip art and sentiments to your thank you cards, you can also add your own embellishments or toppers.

Free Printable Thank You Cards:


The pictures of cards you see here are small, you shall click the picture you like to come to the larger and better printable version in a new tab.

printable Thank you card with ornaments                  Thank you card to print
blue bindweed printable thank you card        s-ornamental-designed-thank-you-card

And here come the same cards, but without text.
You can save these Thank You card templates and work on them on the computer, or print them and write the text you like in handwriting.

Printable Thank you card template               black white thank you card template

thank you card to print template                printable thank you greeting card

According to Language experts from California University, Thank You is one of the most important phrases in the English language, as it makes a person feel valued and appreciated. However, if you want to do it properly, there is a certain etiquette you should follow to ensure you get it right.

The Etiquette to Saying Thanks

Making a Thank You card involves much more effort than buying one or sending an ecard. And while Ecards are lovely and sometimes the only way you can say thank you to someone who lives faraway, etiquette experts say a Thank You message should never be sent by email. Here are a few more tips to getting saying Thank You right..

• Be Prompt – While a beautiful Thank You card will be appreciated at any time, sending one promptly will ensure the event is still fresh in your mind. It also shows you were so touched by their actions, you immediately responded with a card. You can also remember specific details if you send a Thank You card straight away.

• Be Specific and Sincere – Be specific about what you are thankful for and let the person know how this had a positive effect on you.

• Avoid Negativity and be Gracious – Try to avoid negativity in your Thank You card. For example, if you are sending it to a doctor who was looking after a sick relative, concentrate on how much you appreciate his efforts don’t mention if the relative has worsened etc.

• Think Outside the Box – If you are thanking someone for a service they have provided, such as a doctor, solicitor, secretary etc, bring their good work and efforts to the people who are above them such as a supervisor or manager. You can do this by sending them a copy of the Thank You card you sent, along with the note explaining what the person did for you.

As long as you are sincere in your thanks, the person on the receiving end of your card will appreciate the effort you have gone too.

More Free Thank You Greeting Cards:

Here comes three templates of thank you cards to print with flowers, two of them the size 3,5 x 5 inches, the last one smaller, 2,5 x 3,4 inches.


pansy thank you card      thank you card to print

Thank You Messages

When deciding on which of the free printable thank you cards you like, you should also think about the sentiments you want to put inside it.

While you are obviously going to write thank you in your card, thinking of something else to accompany it can be trickier than you think.
This is where the ability to search the Internet really comes into its own, as there are plenty of websites that offer free thank you messages, meaning you won’t have to create your own unless you want too.
The About website has some brilliant sentiments for your Thank You cards (see link below on this page).

Here are some Thank You wording ideas:

birthday thank you card“Thank you very much
for being there in my life!”

“Thank you!
You’re one in a million!”

“Thank You!
so much for celebrating my
birthday with me, and for the
thoughtful gift!”

“Thank You for making
my birthday absolutely perfect.”

“The best teacher-

“A special thanks to you
for taking part in our wedding day
and the start of our new life together.”

Alternatively, you could try one of these Thank You Poems –

“I want to say Thank You, for all you have done,
For making me smile, when my life lacked some fun
For showing you care and for being a friend,
My thanks, love and gratitude to you I do send”

“Saying Thank You is easy, when it is to someone like you,
Who always thinks of others, no matter what you do,
So Thank you so very much, for everything you do and say,
Your kind-hearted thoughtfulness has really made my day”

“Thank you for my present, the gift you gave with love
Although Thank You will never ever seem enough”

“This card has been made for you, especially to say,
Thank you so much for really making my whole day”

Obviously, these are just a general idea of what you need to put in your Thank You cards and they can be adapted so they are more suitable for your chosen recipient.


Thank You Quotes

Thank you quotes allow you to express your gratitude to another using somebody else’s words – Literally.
The joy of using quotes to say Thank You is, they are almost always simple and straight to the point but you are still putting in the effort a thank you card deserves. There are lots of quotes available online that will be ideal for your thank you creations. One of the most comprehensive collections on the Internet exists on the website .

Examples of great Thank You quotes you can use for your cards include –

• If the only prayer you ever say I your entire life is Thank You, it will be enough. ~Meister Eckhart

• Music is love, love is music, music is life and I love my life. Thank You and goodnight. ~A.J.McClean

• As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~JFK

• We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill.

• There are big ships and small ships but the best ship of all is friendship. ~Anonymous.

Of course, if you don’t like the quotes here or the ones available on the internet, you can always use your own quote.
Saying thank you is a very positive, emotive thing and will not fail in making the person who receives your thank you card feel happy and good about whatever it was that they did.

When to Send a Thank You Card

There are a whole host of reasons you may feel prompted to send a thank you card to someone and there isn’t really any sort of occasion where a thank you card or note would be inappropriate.

However, while you may get away with verbally expressing your gratitude in some circumstances, there are times when a physical thank you, by way of a card or note is seen as the most acceptable way to say thank you.
This is when some of the free printable thank you cards available on my site really come into their own, as they can be redesigned and tailored to suit any type of thank you that you desire.

So here you will find both Thank You Card templates where you can write our own message as well as Thank You card to print as they are – and also a lot of examples of thank you messages.


Wedding Thank You Messages and Cards

– While you do not have to send a thank you card to every person who attended your wedding – a simple phone call or email is suffice to thank someone for attending the ceremony – it is seen as wedding etiquette to send a note to any person who brought along a gift for you.

Most people decide to stick to the theme of their wedding with their thank you cards, although you should consider adding an appropriate Thank You quote to the front of the card to make it a little different. Remember, people have spent the time, money and effort on getting you the ideal gift, this should be rewarded with a nice thank you note or card.

You should also send thank you cards to the both the mother of the bride and groom, as well as each of the bridesmaids and anyone else who took on an important role in the wedding.
These thank you cards are traditionally given during the wedding meal, in between speeches and, if possible, should be different for each individual to respect the different roles played.
As well as choosing one of the free printable templates available on my site, you can choose
from a number of different wedding clip art pictures on the Clip Art queen website.

wedding thank you message     thank you card to print


Samples of Wedding Thank You Wording:

“We wish to say thank you for being a part of our wedding day.
Thank you for your kind thoughts, best wishes, gifts and generous contributions towards
our wishing well.
You have added to our happiness in such a special way.
We hope you found it as enjoyable and memorable as much as we did.
With love …………….. and …………………..”

“A special thanks to you for
taking part in our wedding day and the
start of our new life together.”

“Thank you for the
lovely Wedding Gift
it was very kind of you.”

“Thank You.
Thank you for sharing our most special day with us.
It was such a  treasure to spend this day with you.
All our love”



Free Printable Birthday Thank You Cards

– Generally speaking, it is usually fine to verbally thank a person for the birthday card and gift they may have given you.

However, for larger birthday celebrations, such as 60th or 21st, where a party may have been thrown, it is seen as proper etiquette to send a thank you card or note to the individuals who brought along gifts.

birthday thank you card                       s-birthday-thank-you-card-with-message

You don’t need to go over the top making individual thank you cards, a simple one-card-suits-all will be enough.
Keep your cards lively, lots of balloons and stars to mark the celebration and use an appropriate thank you sentiment for the cards. You could even change the sentiments, depending on the person receiving it – for example the thank you card you send your parents should say something a little different to the card you send a co-worker.

If you are feeling particularly crafty, you could print off your thank you cards before the party and then, make them to the same theme as your invitations. You can make free printable birthday party invitations on my site and add your own photographs and clip art.

Thank You Wording for Birthday

“Thank You!
I’m glad you came to my party
yo made the day so fun!
And thank you for the gifts,
my birthday was sure a memorable one.
Love ……………………..”

“Dear ………………….
Thank you so much for celebrating my
birthday with me!
I really like the ………………
you gave med. Thanks & Love

“Thank you for sharing my special day
and for helping make it such fun!
I love the gift!
I appreciate the thoughtfulness and the time
you took to choose it.

“I am feeling blessed with all the
birthday wishes. Thank you all,
I pray for long life and happiness to every
one of you and your families.”


Thank You for Sympathy Messages

–  When you or your beloved ones have suffered from illness or other serious blows, or you have lost a beloved family member or a dear friend, and the funeral has taken place, maybe you don’t  feel up to sending cards or phone to all those who gave their thoughts and sympathy either by writing or coming to the funeral.

Still, it will be good to tell all these people that you care, that it has helped you in your sorrow.

Here are some some examples of a thank you note after funeral and some samples of simple Thank You cards to send.
You can use some of the thank you cards to print you find at the top of this page, as well.

thank you for sympathy card           funeral thank you card

Sympathy Thank You Messages:

“Thank You
for your thoughtfulness,
your generosity and support
during this difficult time.
It is greatly appreciated.”

“To thank you for
your kind expression of
sympathy at a time
when it is deeply appreciated”

“The greatest comfort during our sorrow
was the expressions of sympathy
conveyed to us in many ways.
We deeply appreciate your
thoughtfulness and thank you
most sincerely.”

“Thank you for your kind expression
of sympathy”

“Dear ………….
Thank you so much for coming to ……….
funeral. You have always been a good friend to our family, and
your support during this difficult time is just another
of the many kindnesses you’ve shown us throughout the years
Your presence meant a lot to us.
Many thanks

New Baby Thank You Cards

– The birth of a new baby is a special time and one that encourages many people to give the new parents gifts. In fact, you may find your new little one receives gifts from mere acquaintances, as well as close friends and family. While nice, it does make the business of saying thank you exhausting, so it is best to be forewarned, so you are forearmed.

Using the free printable thank you cards available on the site, make as many as you believe you will need and then at least ten extra. You can use the same design or make a couple of different designs, the choice is yours.

However, you may wish to create the body of the card before the birth and save it to your computer. This means once baby arrives, his or her picture can take pride of place on the front of the thank you card. Alternatively, you could use baby-related pictures and clip art. You may also consider printing off the sentiment after baby is born too – that way, to save writing out the sentiment numerous times, you can make a personalized version of your own –

For Example – Bob, Lynda and Ellie-Mae wish to thank you for the beautiful baby gift.

Or – Many thanks for Ellie-Mae’s beautiful baby gifts.

This is a clever way of personalizing your cards and making the recipient feel more special AND cutting down on the amount of writing you have to do inside of your card. If you would prefer, you can choose a baby-related poem from the Family Friend Poems website. (see link below on this page).

There are many ways to say thank you, from a simple handshake to a beautifully detailed handmade card.
However, you decide to say it, the person on the receiving end will appreciate you taking the time to show them your gratitude.

The free printable thank you cards I have on my site offer you the chance to give that person a thank you they can keep forever. Easy to make, with just a computer and printer needed, these cards allow you to be as creative as you want to be.


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